Entrepreneurs Engage with Official to build Sci-Tech Think Tank

Dr. Jianwei Zhu, CEO of JECHOBIO was appointed as a member of biomedical field in a science and technology Advisory board by Minhang District, Shanghai Municipal People’s Government

Recently, Minhang District Government Office of Shanghai issued a notification on adjusting the members of Science and Technology Advisory Group. Dr. Jianwei Zhu, CEO and CSO of JECHOBIO, who doubles as professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University was appointed as a member of biomedical field in a this science and techonolgy advisory board. Engaging with government, He will provide his positive support on strategic planning, policy making, significant projects and talents development to strengthen regional science and technology development.

According to the notification, the purpose of establishment of this advisory group is to implement the 14th 5-Year Plan for Science and Technology Innovation in Minhang District, deepening the construction of science and technology innovation in southern Shanghai. The advisory group consists of 10 high-level experts and industrial leaders who are deep dive into various fields including Biomedical Science, Electromagnetic and Microwave Technology, Optics, New Energy, New Materials, and AI.


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