Core Platforms

Highly Efficient Bispecific Antibody Discovery Platform Eliminating Mismatch
Schematic diagram of JechoBAPTS

JECHO’s Bispecific Antibody by Protein Trans-splicing platform (JechoBAPTS) has independent intellectual property rights which greatly enhances efficiency of the discovery of bispecific antibodies ‘molecules and truly solves the problem of mismatch about heavy and light chain to obtain a bispecific antibody with a natural IgG structure. Three Chinese patents and three PCT patents have been applied successfully in 2015 and 2016, related articles have been published on scientific journals such as Nature. So far more than ten bispecific antibodies were successfully synthesized on the platform and activities were verified in pharmacodynamics.

Large-capacity, High-quality Phage Antibody Libraries form Healthy Donors
Schematic diagram of JechoMabs

JechoMabs is phage antibody library sourcing from hundreds of healthy donors, which not only includes mature non-immune library IgM, but also rare immune library IgG. The capacity of library IgG and IgM are more than 1010. In addition, Compared with IgG antibody library and IgM antibody library on the market, it has significant advantages in screening efficiency, usually, effective screening can be completed in 2 rounds or 3 rounds at most. Both the quality and diversity of candidate antibodies obtained were satisfactory. 

A Highly Efficient Engineering Platform Optimizaing Antibody Structure
Schematic diagram of HC and LC mutational libraries at JechoOptimca

JechoOptima is JECHO’s technical platform focusing on optimization of antibody structure and provide positive support on antibody discovery by taking advantage of “CDR walking”. It can optimize antibodies’ structure from different sources, mutating multiple CDR at high frequency or optimizing step by step. It breaks through bottleneck of affinity of natural antibody to achieve affinity improvement, moreover, humanized antibody structure can be optimized via exogenous antibody targeted mutation to reduce the immunogenicity.


A Pilot Production Platform of Macromolecule Biopharmaceuticals,
be Responsible for the Transformation of Achievements of Self-research and Cooperation
Schematic diagram of JechoPilot workflow

JECHO’s pilot production platforms consist of R&D systems, analytical testing and 3 GMP-compliant lines for mammalian cell, microbial cell and BSL-2 certified suite. We provide services such as IND samples and clinical research samples manufacturing for start-up biopharmaceutical companies. Our customers/partners can benefit from these platforms offering one-stop integrated CDMO/CMO services covering technical transfer, pilot scale-up manufacturing, process optimization, analysis even verifications. The transformation of technical achievements can be quickly realized through the use of the platform.


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