Intellectual Properties

JECHO has the core patent technology to ensure the advanced technology of products and maintain its leading position in international and domestic industries.
JECHO has applied for more than 10 new invention patents in China, PCT, USA and Europe. Supported by core patent technologies, we have a number of platforms, including human antibody phage library, high-efficiency expression cell line screening, recombinant protein soluble expression in E. coli, and bispecific antibody expression preparation.
We will be utilizing R&D and production activities for customizing process route characterized by streamlined, energy-efficient and low-cost, as well as providing customer solutions.
Our technical team can quickly achieve the technology transfer and large-scale production of our own products, while solving various process problems during pilot scale-up production and industrial manufacture. The process scheme is continuously optimized with streamlined equipment, energy saving and environmental protection, and low cost. Especially in the purification process, JECHO provides the most reasonable technology project with patented technology and self-built platform as per actual needs.

JECHO's invention names "Bivalent Bispecific Antibody Hybrid Protein Expression and Preparation Methods" has been granted by the European Patent Office in 2019 (European patent No. 3418305).

Intellectual Properties


Date of Application IP Direction Remarks for
Domestic and International
2021-06-03 Antigen binding protein and application PRC
2021-06-02 Multi-specific antigen binding protein and application PRC
2020-12-14 SARS-CoV-2 specific antigen binding protein PRC
2020-09-22 Glycosylated erythropoietin and application PRC
2020-07-09 Targeting CD47 and PD-L1 dual-function fusion protein and application PRC
2019-04-22 A polypeptide combination for tumor immunotherapy and its preparation method PRC
2018-12-31 Method for Preparing Recombinant from Bacterium and the Composition Containing the Same USA
2018-12-05 The construction and application of bispecific antibody PRC
2018-09-30 A polypeptide composition PRC
2018-02-23 The construction method and kit for a stable cell line with high expression of target products PRC
2017-05-24 The establishment and application of CHO cell line producing non-fucose monoclonal antibody PRC
2017-02-15 Method for expressing and preparing multivalent multispecific antibody and immune hybrid protein PCTUSAEurope
Patent granted by China Patent Office
2017-02-15 Method for expressing and preparing bivalent bispecific antibody hybrid protein Patent granted by China and European Patent Office
2016-09-07 Method for synthesizing medicinal recombinant proteins based on intein PCT
2016-08-24 Method for separating and purifying recombinant proteins PRC


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