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Let us work together to achieve enterprises goals as well as personal success, and to embrace a broader future. Together we create a better future!
JECHO provides various opportunities that empower our employees, we post our opening positions on our website and at the same time, we also release job vacancies on platform of jobseeking services.
Thank you for your insterest in JECHO. 
Opening Opportunities
(JD in Chinese or English, and updated on Mar.,2020)

How to apply


Please send your Chinese and English CV and other related material such as individual photo etc. to to apply corresponding position. 

You can also visit and to find us, and apply for it online.
JECHO not only posts a large number of jobs infomation on platforms, but also focuses on seeking cooperation with colleges and universities. Every year, we hold various campus lectures and other activities together with colleges and universities, and provide them jobs, internship, summer practice and other talent programs.
Stay tuned for more.

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