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The 12th China Pharmaceutical Strategy Conference was held on November 16th – November 19th in TaiZhou, China. As one of the fast-growing biopharmaceutical company focusing on innovation and research, JECHO attended the conference and our CEO and high-level manager made keynote speech, engaging in theme forum and series of parallel sessions.

Dr. Zhu Jianwei, our CEO and also holds the position of Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Shanghai Jiaotong University held the post of chairman of forum entitled “Innovative drug development strategy in China” and gave his public speech on the topic. Dr. Xiao Xiaodong, Deputy General Manager of JECHO shared our insights on antibody drug discovery.

                                    JECHO's Presence on the Conference/ Forum.                        Photos/ JECHO and CPHIIC

According to CPHIIC (China National Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center) - the host of the conference, China's pharmaceutical industry is now stepping into a new era with three remarkable development trends: intensive, innovative and international. JECHO carried out its strategic cooperation with the School of Pharmacy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University years ago. A united laboratory was established by two parties. JECHO relies on the innovation strength of the Engineering Research Center of Cell Engineering and Antibody Drugs of Ministry of Education, and works together on the development of healthcare.

This conference aims to discuss the future development path and measures of the pharmaceutical industry under the new normal based on macroeconomic trends and industrial characteristics.



CPHIIC (China National Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center) was founded in 1958, it became one of the influential, the oldest and prestigious information exchange centers in Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry.

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