Zhang Yuzhuo, the Member of Tianjin Municipal Party Standing Committee Visits JECHO

On August 1, 2018, Zhang Yuzhuo, Member of the Standing Committee of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of District Party Committee of Binhai New Area visited JECHO, and made field investigation of the company development, guided and encouraged the innovation and R&D, and coordinated to solve the related problems. Li Cailiang, the Member of District Party Committee and the Secretary of District Party Committee, Shan Zefeng, the Director of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Administrative Committee, Yang Zhize, the Deputy Director of Administrative Committee and the leaders of related district departments visited together. Dr. Zhu Jianwei, the CEO and Chief Scientist of JECHO together with the company's senior management team, welcomed the Secretary Zhang Yuzhuo, and accompanied the visit and investigation.

Secretary Zhang Yuzhuo and his party visited the company's R&D and pilot scale test quality control center, and listened to the report made by Dr. Zhu Jianwei on the company's overall situation.

Secretary Zhang Yuzhuo went deep into the field, and knew about the detailed situation of the technologies, advanced equipment, etc. During the visit, Dr. Zhu Jianwei made a detailed report on the company's strategic planning and development prospect, investment and construction, products and process R&D, technology level and ability, teams, etc.






Secretary Zhang Yuzhuo listened to the introduction, asked about the innovation outcomes, viewed the project demonstration, talked about the industry prospect, and asked in detail for the difficulties and problems that JECHO met in its development, and guided the related district departments for assistance and solution. When hearing that JECHO's first biological medicine treating age-related ocular fundus macular degeneration was to enter the third human body clinical research phase, and several anti-tumor Class I innovative biological drugs was completed for process development and under the engineering scale-up, he was appreciated, and encouraged the company to strictly control the quality in accordance with the international GMP standard, firmly grasp the lifeline of product quality, and become the benchmarking enterprise of the bio-pharmaceutical industry in Binhai New Area. Secretary Zhang Yuzhuo emphasized that, Binhai New Area had a good foundation and outstanding comprehensive advantages to develop the bio-pharmaceutical industry, so we should meet the growing health needs of the masses as the objective, continuously make the bio-pharmaceutical industry bigger and stronger, and promote the scale, industrial and international development of the bio-pharmaceutical industry in Binhai New Area.



Dr. Zhu Jianwei said that, JECHO, from the beginning of its establishment, had made planning, design, construction and operational management based on the US, European and other world-class standard, and had reached the international first-class technology and management level in product and process R&D, technological platform construction, quality control, etc., and JECHO would make unremitting efforts for being the world class bio-pharmaceutical enterprise.


Secretary Zhang Yuzhuo, Director Shan Zefeng and other leaders took a group photo with Dr. Zhu Jianwei and the senior management team of JECHO.Secretary Zhang Yuzhuo, Director Shan Zefeng and other leaders took a group photo with Dr. Zhu Jianwei and the senior management team of JECHO.

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