Shan Zefeng, Director General of Eco-city Visits JECHO

On February 6, 2018, Shan Zefeng, the Director of Sino-Singapore Eco-City Administrative Committee, accompanied by the Deputy Director Yang Zhize and other leaders, visited the production base of JECHO Biopharmaceuticals for tour and investigation. Dr. Zhu Jianwei, the CEO and Chief Scientist of JECHO Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. expressed the sincere welcome and thanks to the leaders' visit.



Director Shan Zefeng and Dr. Zhu Jianwei made a close talk. Dr. Zhu presented the company's overall development, R&D strategy and planning, current bio-pharmaceutical development in and out of China, etc. to Director Shan and his party. Under the guidance of Dr. Zhu, Director Shan and his party visited the company's workshop, analysis laboratory, power plant, etc. Director Shan gave full affirmation to JECHO and ardently expected that the company could further attract more high-quality talents, strengthen the technical innovation, increase product categories, make the enterprise bigger and stronger, and make contributions to the economic construction and development of Eco-City and even Tianjin.

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