Technology Platforms

JECHO has its own intellectual property rights and technology reserves, and keeps strengthening intellectual property. Relying on a strong technical advantage, we set up an industry-leading technology platform to provide continuous support for company's technical advancement.



In order to realize and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, based on the frontier of science and technology, JECHO has established an innovative platform for bispecific antibody development by protein trans-splicing with full intellectual property rights and a pilot production platform of macromolecule biopharmaceutical that conducts the effective demonstration of its achievements. These platforms solve many problems and effectively reduce the costs of research and production.

Our ongoing projects make full use of the advantages of intellectual property and platform to achieve self-development while providing global customers with a series of value-added services in accordance with the quality management system of European and American standards. We have the capability to carry on large-scale CDMO/CMO projects according to the standards of the United States, the European Union, China and other countries. We are able to actively provide customers biologic drug R&D and production services as per customer needs.

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