JECHO focuses on employee development, so training is an important way for us to help our employees grow.

The design of the training program is a premise for our company to maintain and enhance competitiveness.

Our training, including science, technology, management and skills, involving internal learning and external practice, is designed to make employees meet JECHO’s development and increase its overall competitiveness by motivating and improving their ideas and behaviors.

Here, you will have access to various fields of interest to you, and we believe that your learning performance will certainly create values for your work and growth. Taking the needs of the company as the starting point and respecting the growth of employees, we develop and operate a series of training programs for all employees to build and implement a complete training system.

In 2018, our training program is developing on a firm base, and in the future it will continue to be improved. We believe that in the training, we will get new concepts, validate their outcomes in practice, and improve the leadership and execute on the job. The development of the career will keep growing all the way.

Join JECHO for experiencing more extensive training courses, learning more advanced knowledge and management tools, and then focusing on self-improvement.

About QbD

Learn about QbD, one of our training programs.
QbD (Quality by Design) is main body of Competitiveness Improvement program, which for drug development and process control based on the expected key quality. As the core of our training strategy to enhance competitiveness, QbD is a key and powerful tool to improve quality and its new concepts, and thus to change employee behaviors.

QbD is a powerful system to keep enhancing competitiveness through the whole process of “product design”, “process design”, “process performance” and “product performance”.

The drug quality control mode goes through three stages, and QbD is the most advanced and effective mode for JECHO to keep training and practicing.

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