Overall Advantages

With strong innovation and management system advantages, we continuously accumulate and optimize resources and make use of advantages through the integrated industry-university-research cooperation and industry-recognized software and hardware systems. This is not only to meet business development and customer needs, but also to promote industry development and make contributions to human health.



JECHO makes use of R&D to gather advantages, strong support of software and hardware to expand advantages, the good work of management systems to safeguard these advantages, and the Scale Effect to enhance advantages.


  • R&D: Innovation of the Integrated Industry-University-Research Cooperation

       Our R&D team, an important resource for ensuring high-tech and success in R&D, consists of a team of senior consultants and our technical team. The team of senior consultants is made up of scientists.

We actively use the integrated industry-university-research cooperation to carry out technical innovation and strengthen talents. In 2017, Academic & Expert Station and Post-Doctoral Research Station were established in JECHO, providing strong and sustainable support for us to promote the industrialization of technology achievements, cultivate innovative talents and enhance the independent innovation.

We actively carry out the integrated industry-university-research cooperation with major colleges and universities at home and abroad to provide platform for innovative talents, like, the United Laboratory for Innovation and R&D of New Medicines established in collaboration with the School of Pharmacy, Shanghai Jiaotong University. JECHO relies on the innovation strength of the Engineering Research Center of Cell Engineering and Antibody Drugs of Ministry of Education, and works together on the development of healthcare.

JECHO was elected as the Fifth Key Overseas Chinese and Chinese Entrepreneurial Teams under the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council in 2017. Our senior Chinese and foreign scientists have won the Chinese Integrated Industry-University-Research Cooperation Catalyst Award in 2017, and Chinese Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Achievement Award in 2018. In addition, we plan to establish a key laboratory for bio-macromolecular drug enterprises in Tianjin.

We hope to continuously strengthen R&D capabilities in different ways, such as the integrated industry-university-research, cooperation and talents introduction, so as to reinforce the advantages of R&D.



  • Technology: Grasp Our Own Intellectual Property Rights

        JECHO stands at the frontier of science and technology based on its intellectual property rights.

JECHO keeps accumulating the innovation achievements and technology, and is proud of its increased intellectual property rights. In order to meet needs of market and human health, we rely on our patents, the core advantage of technology platform, keep creating value covering production and sales. JECHO is open, flexible and customer-oriented to bring benefits to our customers and partners.



  • Management: Fully Functioned Modern Management

        We implement modern enterprise management, create matrix organization structures and provide project management ideas to empower employees and improve their competitiveness. 

In order to continuously improve the management and meet company’s development needs at different stages, JECHO fully implements modern management pattern, builds scientific management system and pays attention to finding talent. From the early development of pharmaceuticals to the launch of finished products, JECHO has a complete set of scientific expertise. In order to empower employees and make sure the effective implementation of management system, business operations and project development, we adopt a management mechanism combining functional with matrix.

Our modern management pattern helps staff to exert their abilities and grow in cross-departmental projects, as well as create overall advantages. Thereby, we achieve a win-win situation for both company and employees.



  • Equipment: Strictly Meet the Requirements

      JECHO cooperates with well-known equipment manufacturers to create a perfect, advanced hardware and software environment and strictly meet the biopharmaceutical needs of R&D and production.

JECHO meets the requirements of the biopharmaceutical from the beginning of project design, for example, we make sure that the purchased facilities and equipment is advanced and reliable, the main project and supporting construction is conforming to the highest standards of international drug R&D and production, and the environment meets a series of stringent standards such as R&D, pilot testing, quality assurance, and mass production for high-end biopharmaceuticals.

Cooperated with carefully selected equipment partners like Sartorius, GE and other world-renowned manufacturing giants of life sciences, we create an advanced hardware and software environment for JECHO.


JECHO cooperates with Sartorius for the development of upstream techniques for cell culture in China. 

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